Another snip for my journal…

I’m sitting on top of the bus bench in front of McDonald’s having my morning coffee and cigarette when this woman, how works across the street at what I believe is a bank data center ask me if I’m hungry and before I could even answer she had handed me five dollars in coins.  Like always in my case I never refuse cash money from people, my own reasons are purely greed, however if I were to look at the act of giving from another point of view.  It’s not what you give to another person but the act of giving which raises the soul.  Now would it be wrong of me to take that away from some bodies uplifting action of giving.

I will post this little snipped for my journal in my blog.  My reason I don’t even know just feel that it would be giving a part of me that other could judge and decide for them selves who or what I am.  I live on the street and am happy in a strange sense of way.  Family believes that I could do better for myself, I don’t think look at my lifestyle in the same way.  Like how fulfilled I am to go about my day wandering the alleys looking for what ever I could make a little money with, the bottle which I pickup are instant cash.  As an addict living on the street I do my best to stay out of the public eyes, keep myself contained within the alleys of Vancouver.

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