Stupidity from me at it’s best…

Now yesterday turned out to be an interesting day and the best part of the screwed up day was with myself play some pepper-spray and getting it all over me, the worst place that this pepper-spray invaded was around my private parts, the burning last all-night even now I can still feel the burning in some places on my body.  This all started when I had decided to bedded down for the night when this guy who was binning in the alley was giving that feeling of being unsafe.  I don’t get this feeling very often, however this guy was creepy and then I pulled out the pepper-spray.  This is when the night turned wrong, like child that I am, I started to play with the pepper-spray and then it started leaking all over me.  The rest is painful history…   Stupidity from me at it best…

Another snip of journal…


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