it happened again…

I myself am a firm believer that children are the center of the human race and elderly have gotten, the human race to where we are today…

thoughts of a woman of a certain age

While I was listening/watching the news last night I again felt a bit frustrated. While there were several stories there are two I want to concentrate on.

The first was about an individual who apparently tortured a dog. I really didn’t hear, or perhaps understand, the reason for that. Though in all honesty there really is no good reason for it.  They spent quite a bit of time on this story and interviewed several individuals about it. It was indeed a rather sad, moving piece.

The second story I wanted to mention was that of an accident that took place in which a woman and her 1 year old were injured. This was a tragic accident which should never have taken place. The woman and her two children were walking legally in the crosswalk when the two were struck by a vehicle. Thankfully they are both alright.

What I noticed…

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