One past cold winter…

I had run into the gentleman who owns Ensign Pacific Lease, which I had not seen for some time.  I have gone by his place of business many times, however never seen the owner.  Just yesterday I finally got to meet him again and to my surprise he remembers me!  You see he had bought the lot across the street; I had my tent set-up there in the winter months, anyway this gentleman was not like most who come across those of us which camp outside in the city he allowed me to stay until the weather got better.  On this lot there was a restaurant, which was being demolished so that the new owner could have more space for his leasing business.

I will never forget the consideration or the kindness that this man gave me during the time I spent camped on his property, what impress me the most about this gentleman is the fact he remembers me, a simple street person. While this gentleman has built his place in society.

Thank you Ensign Pacific Lease

PS there will be photos of area coming!

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