Terminal Squat…

I’m back again, sorry for not making any post sooner.  I had run into an interesting character that was squatting out by terminal for sometime move when the police would ask him to move.  The police have the same old routine they give us street people twenty-four hours to move.  This in the photos was CNN property at one time and then they took out the tracks nobody ever goes there only to dump garbage.  I decided to spend as many days before we got the boot.  I found hanging out with Wayne a great street experience and was hoping it would have lasted longer.  It see that the neighbourhood was against the two of us.  We doing are best to stay out of the public’s eye; most time all we want is to be left alone.  There those of us street people who are doing are best to stay out of trouble and I can honestly say that Wayne is one of them.   I can say the same for myself too.  Here are a few photos.


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