Snip from my journal…


September 13, 12

I woke up this morning and my friend Stan had left me a couple of pairs of 501 jeans, now the thought was nice but I am wondering if he took the time to see that they had no wholes because in each pair the crotch was very air-conditioned if you know what I mean.  My thought, return them, give Stan a heartfelt thanks but no-thanks.  Now if he asks why?  I should surely ask if he would wear the jeans?  Stan is great guy, such a perfectionist with everything that he does.  How Stan had over see this one I had to wonder where his mind was at.  Koo-Doo’s Stan…

I see that there is now a new Vancouver Police Officer on a mountain bike patrolling the neighbourhood.  Being the paranoid person that I am, stop to think that because I have bothered the Neighbourhood Ambassador’s with taking their photos when ever I get the opportunity.  The ambassadors have never bothered me but they sure have given Stick a lot of problems with his panning on the street during the rush-hour traffic. Now Stick is only trying to make buck for beer and what ever.

I am sitting in McDonald where I go every morning for my coffee and muffin and have the opportunity to connect to the free Internet.  The same women working counter every morning has seen me do this for I don’t know how long.  She must not like me or maybe she doesn’t like the homeless street people because most of the time that I order from her she  doesn’t give me a tray.  Now call me strange, (Yes we know that I am but that’s beside the point) Now why can’t I have a tray like everybody else?  I believe that I am of the human family like some of the others that I see ordering their breakfast each morning.

I would say that simple thing move simple minds such as myself.  Boy do I have it rough, when not getting a tray throws me for a loop…  It would seem there is far too much spare time on my hands…

Toad (chris jensen)


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