The Wisdom of Wisdom


I would like to reblog this post mostly because it has been my firm belief that women are superior to man. There are very few men see it this way. Men could balance the scale quickly, however I don’t see this happening in the near future. I am of the firm belief that we as a man could speed-up the process of becoming equal with women. Only the way I see man now it would not be possible until man let’s go and evolves. Becoming equal with women would speed up humanity a great deal in evolving the evolution of the human-race.


Source of Inspiration

Wisdom comes not in a burst
of understanding, but rather
as tiny unfoldings as the
rosebud opens to full blossom.
This wisdom, though once concealed,
is now open to all who care to receive it.

Wisdom is the Light, it emanates from
the Creator. Its revelation is not a
one time disclosure, but rather an
ongoing pulse of heart, of pure love energy.

The Creator is above, below, beside, within.
There is no place where this matrix of life
will not be found, even in the darkest of
dark, which ultimately is illusion.

Wisdom is knowledge of the Creator,
guarded in the heart. One can not say
he is wise until he has experienced all
aspects of the Creator and comes to a
full understanding that we, everything
we perceive,and much more are manifesting
from the Creator.

But the Creator is pure love energy, how
can Darkness be part of…

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