Justice for All?


I agree fully with Source of Inspiration. I have lived on the street many years, at first I was forced too. Now I’m on the street by choice, it keeps me ground in life. Yes I should have a job be part of society, this would please family more, however I fully believe there is a reason in which I have such a choice, some how I am to give back to humanity. Which has been haunting my thoughts for years now.



Source of Inspiration

Until all are equal
in a society and feel justice
and mercy prevail, the society
remains unstable. We say we
want world peace, yet leave
people homeless, hungry, without
adequate medical care. We
live in our snug homes, drive
expensive cars to the gym
to lose weight gained by
over-indulgence. While through-
out the world, people die of
hunger and neglect.

Why do we sing songs, go on
freedom marches, wave banners for
peace, instead of helping those
in desperation? Peace you want?
Start in your own community, help
those in need, then expand your
circle of aid, including your
prayers for a world that knows no
war, loneliness, or fear.

Peace starts with you
and me
one act of kindness
at a time

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