Gold mining history

My Grand Father had boasted about a Gold Mine in the North-shore Mountains, only he would never reveal the secret of it’s location.


Barefoot Travelers

Overlooking Dawson City is the Midnight Dome. It has an elevation of 82911 feet and is only 5 miles from town. It’s famous around Yukon for the Summer Solstice parties in June. Unfortunately we’ve just missed the party, but there the big Dawson City Music Festival in town. We can hear bits of freebie music floating up on the air as we enjoy the view.

In town is a bustle of activity. Colorful tents are being hammered into the ground. Kids are staking out the parking lots with their flower-painted buses and throwing up makeshift tarps. People have canoed, biked and driven in from all over to attend. Tickets are at a premium; and if you want to go to hear the locally-grown Yukon music, its a three-day pass – or nothing.

Partial passes, or one day passes don’t exist.

Michel & I don’t have time for a three…

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