A loving thought;


A loving thought;


i live and dream, you have only made it more interesting..  Now the day, has been fun, it is you that is on the run, scared are we…


Me a walk in the park, just like any other day…


i have come to write here at Starbuck on Granville because this is the only place which is where i can have more fun, to live in face of those directly, nonetheless, they have left, running in fear?


Here is a little treat, a kiss, no winks 666 blinks
toad (chris jensen)

Hello father,


i would like to start off with i miss you a great deal, i miss the laughter and of course the arguments..


i miss those moment as we would wander throughout your favorite store (Home Depot), you were like a kid in a candy store..


i miss those times when you would share your love with the planets in the yard and about the house.


i miss those times, when i would try anything to get out of working on your next project..


i miss those morning as we would sit to have breakfast, gazing upon the North Shore Mountains..


i truly miss those time, when i was a very young child sitting on the diesel tank of the cat, while you built the biggest bon-fires i ever saw in my life!


Yes dad, now that you’re gone, life will never be the same for me…  i don’t know if that is good thing or bad thing, only that i miss you!


Here are some red roses for you today..






Your son chris

Passenger Graffiti;



Now a toad is unsure if he had already made a post about this graffiti, nonetheless, we shall make another or not!


There some place to place graffiti with taste, now i know this is not tasteful, however i the toad, love the fact that those graffiti artist defied would be challenged to place their art on this passenger car…


They singled out the car, i would believe to be cleaned of said art, a shame..  The art made a boring looking train into something creatively beautiful..


i do say, well done…


It will be sad to see it go…



toad (chris jensen)

Note for Coquitlam;


Note for Coquitlam;


i find it very funny, how one should miss something, which the toad, believes sad!  The knowing that there was person or person’s which thought about toad..


For some body a toad never meet and could never find out whom they may have been, missing that moment when to women would drop by say we have something for you…


Everytime the toad takes a used peanut-butter container out of the recycle bin, scrap-out what is left behind, filling his craving for peanuts..


That, loving memory of Coquitlam always appears!


So this post is made in missing you!


chris jensen (toad)

Looking for answers;


As a toad wonders within an throughout looking for those answers, which nobody, i mean nobody  else wishes to talk about, like “Egypt”?  So what is the  big deal, about a subject as crazy as egypt?  i know that officers of the law and those of the hospital are involved in one form or the other. Now what a toad is wondering, how about the government?  Now there are many levels to a government,  which level would our government if any be involved with such a crazy subject?


There are also those of whom, i really hate!  They would be the church, in some form, not that it really matters, they all have set-back the human-race, most likely from the very start..

i say; damn the church!


Another crazy thought, who else have they taken and play their games with, destroying their interest?


with loving destruction the toad (chris jensen)

A toad thought:


Research, knowledge leading to those answers, some people don’t want to know..  i’ve placed myself in and throughout, what i would call interesting moments..


What makes it all, the more exciting, a single gesture from one individual, most times it happen when you would least expect..


Which is even more gratifying is the next day, when the real magick happens, from that simple gift the day before, turned bold..


i will not stop following my heart……


chris jensen (toad)

A Comment to a toad prediction;

To Follow a Dream-666-7

As a toad, wonders in thought, using what little of his brain a toad has left..  One does favor some of his cherished addiction, taking them gracefully to his grave..


Well onto the thought;


As toad had predicted, you seem more an more women entering the male job force, also outnumbering the men if one is to sit and just gaze upon the public just for a moment.


Well within this thought;


A toad possibly see women, reaching new high’s with thoughts of selective breeding.

Now ifinn one was to ask this very delicate question, well, you would not be liked, probably become very lonely within the next few weeks!


However, it does make perfect sense, as to the benefit of the human-race..  But would you be losing those unique to chance, possibly waking a hidden gene!


These are only thoughts from a delusional drug addict living on the street, so don’t take them seriously, one never knows what will come out of a toad’s mouth next…


chris jensen (toad)


P.S. Have you been seeing the rising sales in dogs to the female gender, or walking them throughout your day?

link to a back post – Prediction by toad;

A Blogging Wonder; (sqwabb)

thisoldtoad-header-666-7No the above image is the toad (chris jensen)

Stanley Q Woodvine, some one that i once knew throughout the binning world.  You would have to say; this man, would be responsible for all my blogging torture, which i place upon my viewing public throughout the past several years..


Stanley Q Woodvine; also has blog of his very own, you can see for yourself @ sqwabb.wordpress.com


You may see him cursing throughout the alleys of the Fairview Neighbourhood impart of Vancouver City..   Riding a mountain bike with a bike-trailer with big phorescent orange piece of something on the back of his bike-trailer..


Stanley Q Woodvine-Bike an Trailer photo down below….


Well if you do,


please say Hello,


Mr. Woodvines-ride-1-1


and give him a good kick in ass for the toad!


Please an Thank You!….


chris jensen (toad)


Hello, father;


It has been sometime since i had anything to say to you.  i’m still have problems with Patricia Logan with regards to your estate..

i’m not able to get into the house where i spend eighty-five percent of my life..  Not like when you were around, we argued but their was always an open door for me..

Funny how things can change in the completely opposite direction by a simple reason as you moving on..

By the way, are you like that the karma debt is now resting on us children shoulders, find the comfort with a little peace of mind!  i would say it look’s good on you…

i truly hope that you are exploring, i know that there is more to see than any one person could see in the new evolved existence..

Funny how the fact, it is within the blood-line whether you evolve or turn into dark-matter drifting throughout space..  Sad really!

However i have not given-up on the fact that there must be a way that all can evolve, not believing that there must be a balance to life, in what ever form..

Well Dad, that about does it for your one and only son..
Happy Trails Dad!


chris jensen (toad)

A Storm in toad’s mind;

A toad just wanders throughout life, like any other lost soul..  What throughout a toad’s mind sometime surprise even a toad..

Science or Curse..

No matter, a toad does what a toad does!

Now for over a couple of month, the word “Egypt” has been consuming a great amount of a toad’s thoughts..


For whatever F**king reason a toad, has just about had enough, so now onto a quest, into the word and the reason Egypt, has been cursing a toad’s every thought!

toad (chris jensen)

Art From Commercial Drive;

Well this morning a toad, was awake very early, having about a couple of hours before one of his favorite Coffee shops opens Turk’s Coffee Bar, on Commercial Drive, Vancouver British Columbia, Canada.  The toad found some artwork paint on the side of a building, so what does a toad do?


Well he takes photographs, to place in a post!


Of course..


Now with all the BS done and over with, the toad presents to you;


Art From Commercial Drive!



toad (chris jensen)