A Blogging Wonder; (sqwabb)

thisoldtoad-header-666-7No the above image is the toad (chris jensen)

Stanley Q Woodvine, some one that i once knew throughout the binning world.  You would have to say; this man, would be responsible for all my blogging torture, which i place upon my viewing public throughout the past several years..


Stanley Q Woodvine; also has blog of his very own, you can see for yourself @ sqwabb.wordpress.com


You may see him cursing throughout the alleys of the Fairview Neighbourhood impart of Vancouver City..   Riding a mountain bike with a bike-trailer with big phorescent orange piece of something on the back of his bike-trailer..


Stanley Q Woodvine-Bike an Trailer photo down below….


Well if you do,


please say Hello,


Mr. Woodvines-ride-1-1


and give him a good kick in ass for the toad!


Please an Thank You!….


chris jensen (toad)


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