Hello, father;


It has been sometime since i had anything to say to you.  i’m still have problems with Patricia Logan with regards to your estate..

i’m not able to get into the house where i spend eighty-five percent of my life..  Not like when you were around, we argued but their was always an open door for me..

Funny how things can change in the completely opposite direction by a simple reason as you moving on..

By the way, are you like that the karma debt is now resting on us children shoulders, find the comfort with a little peace of mind!  i would say it look’s good on you…

i truly hope that you are exploring, i know that there is more to see than any one person could see in the new evolved existence..

Funny how the fact, it is within the blood-line whether you evolve or turn into dark-matter drifting throughout space..  Sad really!

However i have not given-up on the fact that there must be a way that all can evolve, not believing that there must be a balance to life, in what ever form..

Well Dad, that about does it for your one and only son..
Happy Trails Dad!


chris jensen (toad)

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