Looking for answers;


As a toad wonders within an throughout looking for those answers, which nobody, i mean nobody  else wishes to talk about, like “Egypt”?  So what is the  big deal, about a subject as crazy as egypt?  i know that officers of the law and those of the hospital are involved in one form or the other. Now what a toad is wondering, how about the government?  Now there are many levels to a government,  which level would our government if any be involved with such a crazy subject?


There are also those of whom, i really hate!  They would be the church, in some form, not that it really matters, they all have set-back the human-race, most likely from the very start..

i say; damn the church!


Another crazy thought, who else have they taken and play their games with, destroying their interest?


with loving destruction the toad (chris jensen)

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