Hello, a thought i wish to share;


i move throughout each day, never really knowing where the world will take me, nonetheless, i fight, tooth and nail, most of the time all the way!


i connect through the internet, to those whom i never personally met, they talk laugh and put up with my childlike manners..  However i do love them so!


Strange coming from someone whom really has no idea what love really is about..


There are somethings, which i desire the most, that would be to hold my daughter, i would never let go!  Nonetheless, we’ll probably never meet in today’s world..


So i carry on, moving about my world, believing in a dream, which keeps me alive..


As much as society and humanity hate the fact, about me talking about what i’ve learn, i will continue believing that is what is in those cards play, so long ago…


Taking all, which given good and bad..


For that is my destiny!
chris jensen

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