Note to Grandchildren:


Who Are You-666-8-1

i’ve wander the streets, many years, done loads of drugs, been beat upon spit on, dress in whatever their laughing desires has chosen for me that day..


It’s all good, you see their coming, whether you like it or not.  They also would like you to  believe in thinking i’m crazy, it’s still all good, because when they leave, there will be no human life on this planet period..


Don’t ask me…  Ask those whom would know, government, space agencies, science?


If they lie, doesn’t say much for humanity, or society in general…


What i see and believe is mine and also for only very selective few, we shall begin soon,

i will no long talk about others…


i will not destroy any race!  Knowledge is what seek!


In ending Grand-children, prepare Learn to ride a motorcycle, to live of the land, take a survival courses, self-defence (hand to hand combat)  improve your psychic skills..

Know google!


With these will give you a head start, i will try my best to be there in spirit, (More as an evolved human)


As they have told me many times, follow your heart!


chris jensen (toad)

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