A moment into toad’s past; )Cool rides(


When toad was young, i mean a long, long time ago!  Remembering back to a time when a toad first learned how to ride a bike..


Well it kind went something like this; my father bought a small girl’s bike because i had two younger sisters..


This was the bike that i learned to ride on, well off we went to the park not even a block away, my father mounted me onto the bike and gave me a push down the grassy hill i went!  By the bottom of the hill i was riding, didn’t really have much choice, other than crashing…


As i look back at the moment, it brings smiles to my face, the love that my father only knew, damn, i miss the fact that he is gone now!


Well now i see all these young children riding bikes almost before i was able to walk, scary how children of now a day, grow-up much faster than we did..  Makes me wonder are they missing something out of life or are they gaining more of life than us kid, in my generation?


All i can say is what cool rides these children of nowadays get to ride!



the toad (chris jensen)

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