As a toad goes about the world, living in his dream…  Often touching down to reality, disturbing as it sounds, a toad doesn’t really like reality…

Nonetheless, upon his journeys throughout the day, the toad came across some Halloween paradises playing within the season..

What disturbs the toad more is that he has been having problems with certain devices, in that sense has lost some cool halloween images…

With that note;

Here is a post, which is long overdue for thisoldtoad…

toad (chris jensen)

PS:  Kids please be careful on your night out collecting all those treats, be sure to ask for a trick once in a while.

And above all, listen to your parents when it comes to going through all those treats throwing away the un-wanted, hopefully you will be left with some sugar?

CAM00209 CAM00208 CAM00207 CAM00206 CAM00205 CAM00204 CAM00203 CAM00202 CAM00201 CAM00200

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