Thoughts of a toad!

As this toad wanders, throughout the cold dark neighbourhood cruising the alleys,

looking for lost trinkets and bottle left out in the cold..  Dreaming of days long past, Where a toad’s life was like any other souls…

The getting up and going to work, only now there is so much noise fill his mind, hardly can focus on that moment within time..

Finds his solitude within a wooden like tent, set in between society hidden amongst those tormented and flowing through humanity..

Letting life move around him like an imaginary dream…

Lonely to be true!

A small price to pay, to stay out of humanites way, as a toad goes about those long living days, which only seems like a childlike play..

Found happiness in writing poetry and creating images of imagination to place them both together within in his midnight dreams..

Fully awake within the coldness and darkness of those long winter nights…  All while those heading home from a night out on the town, within their friendship loving blind..

With family all, but almost gone!  Two wonderful sister, whom have busy lives of their own, rarely do we see each other, maybe once or twice during the year, mostly in this winter season, the toad would possibly see his young sister whom always has gift for toad’s Christmas season..

But in the end it is all good, you see,

this is the way of toad,

as he tries to live out his dreams!


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