thisoldtoad thought! – Artificial grass

As toad move throughout, not giving a shit about anything!  Those would be imaginary enemies sitting in waiting, like vultures, like my dear friend, whom sold me some rim’s which were suppose to be 26” only they turned out to be 27” nice guy..  And then no safety meeting!


As i stopped at Starbucks to catch some free wifi, and make a post, thinking about my latte, when this very attractive women offered to buy me a coffee, surprise, surprise!


Thank you Mam!


Well the post is about the big machine, you know the government, on the way i like to go by a little red house, an old man lives there with somebody else..  The building next door is heritage (What is up with all this heritage anyway!)


The point being artificial grass!


Well it saves on maintenance…
More for the other departments?

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