Lights of Night by thisoldtoad

As a toad wanders throughout this midnight city, doing what a toad always does, creating trouble wherever he goes!  Easy for a toad…


Well throughout that time a toad came across some unique presents, sitting on an apartment lawn..


Funny place to leave presents!


For your viewing pleasure;


Lights of Night by a toad


chris jensen (toad) thisoldtoad

thisoldtoad – Character Fencing..

Just a little fencing character pouring from an old wooden fence.. On the toad’s way back from cashing in some metal..  Not to much cash, enough for coffee the next day…


i mean the toad, road by this old fence.  Hell even he, can’t remember how many times, in the

midnight city..


Well enough of that bullshit let’s move on?  Did you just now see something drift on by within a dark shadow?  Damn ifinn i did!


On with the post, this is it….


A toad present to you; toad’s Fencing Character!

Character Fencing-1

toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

History Metal Art by thisoldtoad

As a toad moves about the midnight city, he comes across what he see as strange and unusual art, well if you would like to call it that…  What it look’s like to the toad, is an old city boiler pieces place together for a business in the commercial drive district..


Making a terrible story short, the toad will present Metal Art!


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad


A toad has marveled at the thought about see the Cirque Du Soleil, however a sad little toad cannot talk the estate into buy him those tickets..


The magick and amazing act’s which are performed at the Cirque Du Soleil, can only brighten this childlike mind…


Filling the toad with a wonder and delight of the magick with the performance of those amazing performers…


Each year goes by, as a toad is held in belief with a hope this would be the year he would see the show, which does come yearly…


As those familiar yellow and blue stripe tent’s start going up, by science world, a toad is just amazed, what it take to bring such show around the world..


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad