A tagging limelight!

Some of those would be taggers, i love, whom travel or fair midnight city!  For those whom don’t know?  That would be, Vancouver British Columbia, Canada, planet Earth i would hope..  Or i’m really losing it…


This is only my opinion, that these would be gladiators of fly by night, have found some respect, as there seems to be less dissing of other taggers leaving room, so they may place a tag alongside each other, bring the world of tagging into a desireable respected family..


On a different note;


There has been somebody tagging one of my own tags, for whatever reason doesn’t make sense…


On a higher note;


i’ve just seen what i believe to be a toad tag within a heart…  Now being the toad, or maybe there is another, i found the tag wonderfully creative!  My art seems to be in other areas, than creating tags, however ifinn this was done for me i am most honestly an truthfully grateful, i could have never design a toad tag within this creative genius…


Well it’s been a long time come, i’ve been very sidetrack with poetry…


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

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