Early flowers (Note to Father)

Sorry Dad,



i’ve not talked to you in sometime, things are as always, still the same in my life..  Still on the street, however doing less drugs!  This may please you a little, i really hate to say anything about this but for the first time i’ve tried my best to keep money in the bank, by now i would have spent my whole cheque with nothing left over, until next cheque date..


Funny how the world turns, you’ve tried your damnedest to teach me to save money for most or not all of my life..


i haven’t heard anything about the estate, i’m sure Pat Logan is doing her damnedest to go through you joint account, she was very smart in transferring everything she could into both of your names, her planning the time when you did pass on…


Pretty damn good for a live-in-maid!


i love you dad, i would imagine by now, you found out that there is no god..  Nonetheless, you’ve moved on…  i haven’t see your face in sometime, so i would think that  you’re enjoying your new existence and exploring?  i’ve been lighting candles at the old church downtown for grandmother, your mom..  She would like that, even though it is of conflicting interest to me..  She was a wonderful women!  But then i would need to tell you that!  i love going on the egg run’s selling in the neighbourhood, most of all digging in the garbage with her, the surprises we would find, funny how that’s where i get my most enjoyment out of life now!


It’s the time of the year you be out in the yard chopping tree and plants, you did have a golden thumb when it came to growing anything…


Some flowers for you dad, in your memory!

cheers dad,


in love, your son, toad (christopher raymond jensen) thisoldtoad

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