What The F_ck Tags

Now a toad, doesn’t have patience!  Get’s easily pissed…  Sometimes for no reason, just because…


A toad, is also not happy with his phone, as to getting images of the damn phone is really pushing a toad’s patience…


So is the executor of the estate, the fat fucking bitch, uses all the cash in the joint bank account of my father an hers, which i reality none of it was her money…  Pretty damn good for a live in maid..


ifinn i was not so sensitive towards my sisters, i would have shot the bitch in the head long ago…  Then one for myself!  Now this sound suicidal, however you’re not looking at like i do!  You see living the human life is really great, nonetheless there are great faults with human law..  Especially when a women can legally steal from a family!


Now here the topping of the iceberg, i own ⅓ of ⅔ of the house, which i can’t even enter!  That’s human law…


Sorry to place shit within a tag post, just need to get that out…

toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

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