Unwanted Art!

As a toad cruising throughout the alleys in the Fairview Neighbourhood, looking for gold in those hills…  No, collecting bottles, an other lost treasures..


A toad love taking photographs of unwanted art, which as been tossed into the dumpsters or lying beside..


i the toad, had thought that i had more images to share with you?  Nonetheless, where only god knows?


Anyway here is “Unwanted Art;

toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

The feature image

is a photograph of a child’s

blanket at Jonathan Rogers Park!

Miscellaneous Tags, April 27, 2016

As a toad is cleaning up some of his uploads…   There would be some image, not used of forgotten..


So methinks, why should i not put them into the trash?


When a toad can waste a post on miscellaneous tags!


Well in keeping, the toad presents Miscellaneous Tags;



toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Fatherly Love…

Nothing like the Love of a Father, as a toad wanders the alleys throughout the midnight city,

he came across a father, i believe just leaving for someplace important to his day…  The proud father was holding an image within which a child had drawn..


A toad, stop him asking ifinn he may take a photograph,


well here is the answer!

toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Pole Tags April 24, 2016

As a toad wanders throughout the midnight city of Vancouver BC Canada, just doing what a toad does…


To run throughout the darkness of night, spray can in one hand and beer in the other, as to we paint the midnight city…


What grand idea, pole painting, a longer last tag!






As a toad, i’m sidetrack very easily, along with some memory recall problems do to a shocking experience…


With that i give you Pole Tags;



toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Dropping Coins

We all make our money in different ways, now i’m not say that i have not panned for spare change, nonetheless panning is just not my way of life, especially when there is money lying everywhere in the dumpsters and in the back alleys of this midnight city of Vancouver BC Canada…


As to a drop of the coin, feeding your own addiction, or let’s just say paying for another’s, there was a time when my father paid for mine, however my sister had convinced our father about tough love.


That was a sad day in my life where as now i was out looking for some other ways of paying for my drug of choice… (You just gotta love sisters!)


Even throughout the toughest times most of those, which i called friends and myself, we’d tried our best not to leave a mess in cleaning up the garbage as we’ve left…


When i pass a coin, most times i know where it will be spent, simply because i’m an addict also!


So in ending this post;


When you drop a coin, maybe feeding your addiction, throughout anothers…

toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

A live in maid taking Over;

i was in the old neighourhood Dad, all is quiet it is a sad day when a live in maid takes over a home where one has lived ninety-nine percent of his life…


Spent a lot of christmas, with family…


Has untold haunting stories, within that time with two loving sisters…


Don’t mean to bitch Dad, however you’re probably rolling in your grave…  Oops the dead piece of flesh probably has rotted by now…


Wonderful view we have out of the back of the house, you bought a win Dad!  Hope you have waken after you died…

Your son christopher raymond jensen

In these image i’ve

learned to ride a bike, ski

an play tennis court hockey all,

while going to my first school..

That’s the same view

from every back window of family home,

the house is not in any of the images

Passing thought; (grandmother)

i was passing some newly awaken lilacs, which triggered some childhood memories, knowing how you so loved these flower with a breath of sunshine as a fragrance…


Time when you would bathe me in the kitchen sink..  There was a time that i ran away from home, not sure how old i was, only that they were amazed that i made all the way to your house..


Possibly in the near future i will stop into the big old church downtown, the one you would drag me to as small child to light another candle for you grandma!


Even though it is of a conflict of interest too my way life and thinking.




i miss you grandma!


your loving grandson, sunny!


chris jensen

Main & 7th tags, April 14, 2016

Day trippin, doing the toad, pass main & 7th i don’t even what to think about how many times…  Outback of a restaurant on the corner, a place where employees take their break..

Seems to be a tagger paradise…


Well this time a toad had to stop and take some photo’s


So here you have Main & 7th tags;



toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Rooftop Graffiti, April 13, 2016

Up with the birds early, as toad started to move about the midnight city…  Checking some morning stops for bottles..  There has been this high wall upon a rooftop, which the toad hopefully will tag himself once he can paint graffiti like those would been pro’s…


Like always we paint, they paint!


We paint, they paint, we paint……….


Rooftop Graffiti…….



toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Rainy day tags April 12, 2016

A woken toad, started very early, like 1am damn!  Mrs. Nature, held off her rain until, i stopped for my mornings second cup of coffee..  Now we’re much needing rain, possibly a dusting on the Lion Mountains in the North-Shore..  Hopefully fill the reservoirs for a long dry summer ahead…


Thank you midnight painter!


We tag, they paint, we tag, they paint….


They just don’t get it…



toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad



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