A live in maid taking Over;

i was in the old neighourhood Dad, all is quiet it is a sad day when a live in maid takes over a home where one has lived ninety-nine percent of his life…


Spent a lot of christmas, with family…


Has untold haunting stories, within that time with two loving sisters…


Don’t mean to bitch Dad, however you’re probably rolling in your grave…  Oops the dead piece of flesh probably has rotted by now…


Wonderful view we have out of the back of the house, you bought a win Dad!  Hope you have waken after you died…

Your son christopher raymond jensen

In these image i’ve

learned to ride a bike, ski

an play tennis court hockey all,

while going to my first school..

That’s the same view

from every back window of family home,

the house is not in any of the images

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