Kippers an eggs (toad’s breakfast)

Crazy as a toad!


While at jonathan rogers park, where a toad has been stopping after cashing in his bottles and hopefully running some other important errands, he has been making breakfast;




2 Kippers

1 Sweet potato

½ Small onion

½ cup bok choy

1 Orange peeled and sliced

2 tablespoons oil

3 oz of pink wine?

½ cup lemon cheese


O-Yeah, coffee
Kippers an eggs (toad’s breakfast)

toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Tags, tags gotta love those tags April 11, 2016

As we paint the midnight city, storm clouds of colour, dusting the night..  i as toad, now feel great to be back in business, place those images grateful as within their dreams an creative art, with loving pleasure…



toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad


Regarding having a working phone

once again..

Disappointed with the estate

should have been a phone of desire?

Note to those wondrous taggers in the midnight city

As a toad, is always riding up hill..  Problems in magickal nature from those within their imaginary world of baby magick..


Short story long, a toad is having phone problems again and locating my camera, has been an easter egg hunt..  Don’t fear..


We’ll correct the problem, an lay a few tags…


My thoughts, PAINT THE CITY…


On another note;


somebody has been writing my tag, everywhere i go!  Now one’s tag is personal!  Very disrespectful to write another’s tag…  Those in the honored tagging world are solid, they don’t do this shit…

toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

April 3, 2016 Sunday Tags

Wandering toad, enjoying the midnight city..  Often stops at dog-shit-park (jonathan rogers park) a nearby coffee shop, has toad’s favourite coffee..  A toad has also been stopping at Milano’s for a number of years…


A heartfelt, thank you for those taggers, painting our city…


Keep up the great work!


Let paint the city………….



toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Smiling Tags April 2, 2016

Well this morning we have the smiling tags, why a toad would call this post “smiling tags” damn ifinn he knows…


Maybe because of the mood a toad is in this beautiful morning, here in the midnight city of Vancouver British Columbia Canada, planet Earth…


What!  Planet Earth, where’s that?




The toad presents Smiling Tags!

toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Stacking Rocks;

As a drifting toad, flows majestically throughout the midnight city..,.  While passing science world, a toad came across some stacked rocks, not unusual to see nowadays..


Trouble with stacking rocks, there are those whom love knocking them down..




i do wonder what goes through one’s mind, as they are knocking down the stacked rocks?


Possible, i should knock down some myself, nonetheless i don’t believe the answer would come within the right emotion..


Please enjoy a labour of love, Stacking Rocks!



toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad