Hello mother;

i don’t know or even remember the last time i’ve spoken to you?  Funny how memories work.  When you come to mind mom, i see the good an bad times that we’ve gone through with father…


Some of those memories are so clear it’s like yesterday, now i know what that sounds like, strange since you’ve been gone almost fifty years…


As i think now about all the card games you’ve taught me as a child..  A strange thought comes to mind, you probably know how to play bridge, the fun games we could’ve had stomping are would be opponents…  “Playing through grandma!”


i hope that i can make it out this year, to place flowers in your bonnet mom, maybe clean the dirt off, pull some of the weeds..


i’ll leave with this mom,


i love you!


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Another toad Meal (Strange Combination)

A toad, is always on the lookout for the special ingredients, never knowing what will surprisingly show-up…


A life of never ending mystery a toad does live…




Everything from a dumpster;


some Kind of noodles


green onions



goat cheese


There have it yesterday’s meal, consumed an made in olympic village, an always enjoyed with a hand-rolled cigarette from butts picked off the ground…




toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

VanBirdWeek (Olympic Village)

A toad, has been hanging @ Olympic Village throughout the daytime…  Sleeping mostly, an making the meal of the day all, while working on a BMX, for the joy of riding..


Anyway on with the post, while stopping inside the community center for water, well on the way out, tacked to a wall, where this image.. i would assume from children?  Nonetheless to assume is making an ass of oneself…


Well several photographs later,


we have a post,


so the toad gives you Olympic Village  VanBirdWeek images;





toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Two Meals By toad

Feature Image, would be the Ham & Sweet Potato

The first meal, made a couple of days ago;


Smoked Salmon

baby bok choy

baked potato

two eggs

steamed with a white wine


The second meal; yesterday’s;



sweet potato


fresh basil


Steamed in the last of the white wine..


All meals made from ingredients

out of the dumpsters,

from the fairview neighbourhood…

May 12, 2016 Paint the City

As to a wandering toad…  Moves disturbingly about the midnight city…  Sometimes taking photographs of those would be tags left by those mysterious taggers, silently moving about the midnight city, spray-can in one hand and a beer in the other…


Well you know, leaving their mark upon life…


To keep things short an sweet,


here is May 12, 2016 Paint the City;



toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Britannia, Library, Assholes Hand…

The toad, is in the library running through a blog of a hopeful new blogging friend..  It took sometime in finding the right address, do too stupidity an a electricity enhanced frontal lobe…

The toad was rather enjoy reading the post from a new blogging friend, when, let’s say the library asshole, pushes the quiet sign in front of the toad…


Now he was not the only person at the computer tables, one of maybe a dozen..


The only thing sad about the whole experience was we did get his face, nonetheless we did get a picture of a hand?






damn an damn!


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Pushy Friend & Granville Tag

Above image of a pushy friend…

While a toad spent the day at the park, by the tennis club..  A toad loves to hear the tennis balls bounce back an forth…  Strange but a toad find the sound of the bouncing tennis balls soothing..


While sitting in the shade of a great old tree, taking in the tranquility and just being a toad..


People often bring their dogs to the park for a run, and other shit!



Well, seem a toad made a friend, whom was very pushy at teaching a toad to play a little fetch.. Kind of made a toad’s day…


Well back to the reason of the post,


like a toad says, “paint the city!”


While trying to do his damndest to finish a poem, which for some reason was giving a toad some problems!  So outside for a cigarette..  What do think the toad spots?


The reason for a very quick post;


Pushy Friend & Granville Tag;

granville tag

Above tag on Granville Street..

Below tags our in the fairview area of the city…


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Broken Breakfast

As toad’s meal of the day was sadly not all out of the dumpster, methinks, this one was bought or stolen?


.129 kgs of ground beef

1 small sweet potato (stolen)

3 medium eggs

2 tbs of oil (from Dumpster)

1 oz of Synchromesh Wine (2015 Riesling Naramata Bench, BC

Okanagan Falls, BC)

Bottle de dijon mustard (finishing touch to meal)


Meal made in one pan on a camping burner, outside sitting by the innlet at Science World Olympic Village…


First slice up sweet potato, adding that and the ground beef to pan letting it brown to desired flavour..  (Personally i like mine on the burnt side!) Adding wine,to finish off the cooking of beef an potato…  Scramble three eggs pouring them into pan over beef an potato, allow eggs to become golden brown on bottom before turning…  Once turn and browned again, remove from heat..  Let cool to desired eating temperature,  then cover lightly with De Dijon Mustard of ifinn you have another choice, go right a head…

Now in ending;

the reason i’ve call this meal broken breakfast, because just before i went to place on burner it spilled onto the ground…






However all is good, just picked up what i could an continued on…


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Downtown Graffiti, (The Hood!)…

A toad, doesn’t really desire togo downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada,  whereas full of desirable an undesirable memories…


Being a drug addict, there have been times throughout toad’s life where you could have seen the toad half naked an digging in the dirt throughout the alleys, nonetheless


there have been times as a drug dealer, where we owned the block!


Just a little history coming from


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad;


So enough said, here’s Downtown Graffiti;