Wandering Note; (from a toad)

To wake-up in the morning wondering, where an whom did i receive such a sickly gift from?


Just feeling a little over the weather this morning it’s not like i have not been here before, an

i tried as i may, in not believing that it was coming…  


Throughout yesterday, i ignored all the signs within a hope an pray, that it wasn’t true…


Well life moves on…


As i find myself sleeping in the an underground parking lot of a business which will be opening no matter in the way i feel, also the fact that i am trespassing..   


So on we go!


Funny now that i’m up and around it’s not all that bad, only just a little annoying, best walk the it through until it has run it’s course, an try to do my best on not passing it on to another..


Throw a little rum in my coffee, life goes on!


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad


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