Dear Father,

It has just been over four years since you have moved on..  ifinn you don’t know, it is your son talking to you..  i’ve not been in the house since Pat got back from the you boat cruise, she had decided that i shouldn’t live there anymore, not really giving any reasons..  It’s all good dad…


Funny dad, everytime i see a piece of wood thrown away in the dumpsters, i often think of how you had mastered the art of creating out of wood…


It was always like magick, see you build something, with such easy, trying your damndest to teach me the art..  i still can’t cut a straight line in a piece of wood…


i don’t see much of my sisters anymore since we do have those big christmas dinners an birthday parties..


To be quite honest i don’t talk or hear from any of the family, including my uncles your brothers…


Sadly i must say that i’ve not been up too..  Where they have place your broken down body to rest…  You know to place some flower, so that they would dry up an die…  i will try my damndest in getting there before the summer is out?


i been down to the big church downtown, an light a candle for grandma, your mother, even though it is a conflict of interest to the way i think about god…


Sadly dad, i’m still on the street, however you would be happy to know that i’m doing a lot less drugs…  May days not even using any for periods of days…


Well dad, there is not much more i would like to say, only the fact that we’d fight most of the time i do miss you!

Mother Family-2

Grandma, mother two sisters an myself

Your son,
toad (christopher raymond jensen) thisoldtoad


Raymond Christopher Jensen (Obituary)

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