WalkAbout toad! (Day one)

SunRise Merritt BC Canada

Above image SunRise, Merritt BC Canada…

i’ve been wanting to leave the city, for some years, only i felt, very trapped by the governmental machine..  Well with that being said an done, yesterday, i got on a Greyhound bus, an left the city, bit of a destination in mind, however not really!  Damn did i just say that?  Once again in carrying on, i left with the cloths on my back, two computers in my pack and a sleeping-bag very little money an a whole lot of dreams…


i stopped in Merritt British Columbia Canada, i had hope in seeing my youngest uncle and no he doesn’t know that i coming!


It was late at night, when the bus pulled into town, nothing much open when i got out, however i spotted a Boston Pizza, just down the road..  Off i went, feeling a little nervous,

upon stepping in the door, after clean myself up, an all that other shit..  i order myself a rum an coke, just as i was sitting at the table, a table of three beautiful young darling princess, offered me part of their meal, over i went setting myself down, for a little conversation, an to thank them for their love…


Welcome to your WalkAbout!
Photo on 2016-08-28 at 7.37 AM

toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

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