101 Life of a toad! (thisoldtoad) pissed

101 Life of a toad! (thisoldtoad)


As i sit in a favourite cafe, writing, dreaming, remembering?  The year slowly coming to it’s usually storming end..


i sadly remember back to the things i’ve lost do too, stupidity, heavy drug abuse..  Most were material, nonetheless has played apart upon my emotional state of mind..


When someone goes through;


3 BMX´s


4 Mountain bikes


2 bike trailers


3 Apple computers


1 chromebook


2 Samsung phones


Now all this on disability income!


One becomes very disappointed, within those living on the street throughout the streets of Vancouver, the city i was born an raised in…


Like those on the street don´t know, whom owns the shit they pick-up?


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

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