Another BMX departed my life!

As sad day throughout society, when someone can steal a bike right in front of London Drugs, on Broadway an Cambie..


Then said thief, (Brad (street shit)) can work all night probably scraping the paint off, to come by the next day an ask to trade my other BMX for the BMX, i am riding at the moment!


Yet!  When i ask to look at the video tapes from the camera´s outside the store i need a cope to view these tapes…


Now for those within normal society, living throughout humanity, you’re not the only people, whom have to put-up with the thieving…


i paid honest cash for everything i own, just like you…  Only i do this on a fixed income!


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

6 thoughts on “Another BMX departed my life!

  1. I don't think you're remotely boring at all! I like a blogger who is real and will show off casual looks when th;9e#3y&re not all dolled up everyday (unless that's who they are of course). I've been in a coffee crave myself. I don't drink it too often, but I'm wanting some so bad lol. xoxo


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