Presidents in U.S. History (IQ TEST) 17

Current President, President Trump…

 17. George H. W. Bush – 130.1

George H.W. Bush served as the 41st president of the United States. He also served as the Vice President to Ronald Reagan prior to winning the presidency. Before serving as president, George H.W. Bush served in the Navy in World War II as an aviator. After serving in the Navy, Bush enrolled at Yale and later moved to Texas. He eventually entered the oil business and became a millionaire. H.W. Bush later got involved in politics and served as the Director of Central Intelligence and a member of the House of Representatives before winning the presidency.

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16. Richard Nixon – 131.0


With an estimated IQ score of 131, Richard Nixon is, without a doubt, highly intelligent. He was clearly intelligent enough to plot and manipulate throughout his presidency. Although Nixon’s  presidency was filled with scandal and he eventually resigned from office, Nixon did many good things while he was president, including ending the Vietnam war in 1973.

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15. George Washington – 132.5


George Washington served as the first president of the United States from 1789 to 1797. He was smart as a whip even though he did not have a college degree. In addition, Washington served as a commander-in-chief and general during the American Revolution. He was quite a skilled military commander and led the colonial armies against the British.

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14. Franklin D. Roosevelt – 139.6


The 32nd President of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt served from 1933 to 1945, the longest term to be held by a President. A central figure during the Great Depression and World War II, President Roosevelt was the author of the “New Deal”, a program for relief, recovery and reform that expanded the Federal Government.

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13. Abraham Lincoln – 140


Like James Garfield, Abraham Lincoln was a self-made man, became the 16TH President of the United States in 1861 and served until his assassination in April of 1865. Best as the President during the Civil War and his drafting of the “Emancipation Proclamation” in 1863 that freed the slaves.

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12. Barack Obama – 141.0

Barack Obama is the current president of the United States. He is also the first African American president. Researchers have estimated Obama’s IQ to be around 141. President Obama was a teacher and civil-rights lawyer before pursuing a career in politics. He attended Columbia University and Harvard Law School. In addition, Obama was a professor of law at one of the most prestigious universities in the nation, the University of Chicago.

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11. James Madison – 141.3

James Madison was the fourth President of the United States, serving from 1809 to 1817. Known as The “Father of the Constitution” he was an advocate for a strong federal government and was a co-author of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. While President he oversaw the Louisiana Purchase and led the country into war in 1812 against Great Britain.

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10. Chester A. Arthur – 141.5

Next in line is Chester A. Arthur who served as the 21St President of the United States, succeeding James Garfield after his assassination. A native of Vermont and an advocate for civil service reform, his term began in 1881 and ended in 1885 when he lost his position to Rutherford B. Hayes.

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9. James Garfield – 141.5

Notable for his high IQ and the shortness of his Presidential term, James Garfield became the 20TH U.S. President in March of 1991 and was assassinated in September of the same year. From humble beginnings, Mr. Garfield was raised in a log cabin in Ohio. A Major General for the Union Army, during the civil war he spent 18 Rising to the stature of a school president when in his mid-20’s James Garfield spent 1861 to 1881 as a U.S. House Representative for his home state, prior to becoming President.

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8. Theodore Roosevelt – 142.3

The 26TH President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt served from 1901 to 1909. A soldier, explorer, naturalist and reformer and coined the phrase, “Speak softly and carry a big stick; and you will go far.” Taking the office of president upon the assassination of William McKinley, he won office on his own merits in 1904 and served two consecutive terms.

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7. John Adams – 142.5

John Adams, the second President of the United States, is reported to have an IQ of 142.5. This IQ level is of a “highly gifted” individual. Of course he had to be smart to lead a very young nation in its formative years. John Adams was born in Massachusetts on October 30th, 1735. He was President from 1797 – 1801. He died on July 4th, 1826 at the old age of 90.

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6. Jimmy Carter – 145.1

Jimmy Carter was President of the United States from 1977-1981. The 39th President, is a Nobel Prize winner. He was also an officer in the army. And weirdly enough, is a former peanut farmer. Carter is from Georgia and was a Senator and Governor before becoming president. He’s 91 years old and is a cancer survivor.

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5. Woodrow Wilson – 145.1

The 28th President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson was in office from 1913-1921. He was the Governor of New Jersey before that. He was the president during World War I. He’s another president on the list that has received a Nobel Peace Prize. Wilson was a big advocate for immigrant rights.

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4. Bill Clinton – 148.8

The 42nd President of the United States, husband of the Democratic Presidential Nominee, and love of balloon, Bill Clinton. He served two terms from 1993 to 2001. His presidency is marred by his very public affair with a White House intern. He denied it, and was later impeached for lying under oath. He’s been a very popular president, with a high approval rating.

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3. John F. Kennedy – 150.7

One of the smartest Presidents on the list is also one of the most beloved. President John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of America. He served from 1961 until 1963, when he was tragically assassinated on November 23rd, 1963. He was shot and killed by Lee Harvey Oswald in the presidential motorcade. He was only 46. Many people think it was part of a larger conspiracy.

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2. Thomas Jefferson – 153.8

Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd president and the second smartest president. He was born in the colony of Virginia, before America was its own nation. He received his education at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA. Not only was he a lawyer before being president, but he was the primary writer of the Declaration of Independence.

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1. John Quincy Adams – 168.8

The sixth president of the United States, is the son of another member of this list, John Adams. He’s the smartest President in history. He was president from 1825-1829. He was one of the first politicians to be opposed to slavery. Where he’s from in Massachusetts is now named after him, Quincy.

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Bonus – Donald Trump – 125-ish

It seems like everyone has a strong opinion on the Donald; You either love him or you hate him. Say what you will about his politics, but the man is pretty successful, and most believe he’s also pretty smart. Depending on the source, his IQ is estimated between 120 and 130, although other sources have reported it as high as 156 (which would make him smarter than 99.9% of the population, so we find this one a little hard to believe).

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