Just another interesting day in a toad’s life…

After getting pressured by security by the soccer fields in the downtown core of the midnight city… i had some how made my way to Olympic Village Community Centre,

do to a lack of sleep, found myself dosing off, quite often… Apparently the staff did like this……   They choose to hover over me making sure that i did dose off again… (i wonder how-much they where making a hour doing this, an if it was coming out of my land tax?) So they probably called, 911, only where referred to ambulance service… Where i was picked up against my own advice an taken to (St. Paul’s Hospital)…

i must note that i was feeling fine before any of this had taken place…

Upon leaving (St. Paul’s Hospital) i was handed a twenty dollar prescription, an felt sick that i had, in all my years…

i would like to say what the fuck is up, with that?#@#*%#


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

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