Rent The Chicken!

Memories of Grandma House….


i´m sorry got just a little long winded….


i long to hold onto those memories of Grandma´s house, an her loving soul…


Those days she would drag me off, to the big church in the downtown core of greater Vancouver, BC Canada…  Anytime she was watching her grandchildren, i wonder ifinn my two sister´s remember, these little trips we as children hated…  Nonetheless there were those days, while grandma, would take us on her egg run…  What i mean about the egg run, grandma sold egg´s in the neighbourhood, the best part was on the way back to grandma’s house we would dig in the garbage…  Possibly this could be one of the reasons that i so enjoy digging in the dumpsters now…


i loved my grandma, however hated when she would bath me in the kitchen sink..  Love the kitchen with the old pot-belly-stove, with the crackle-pop, an the smell of the wood burning…


i kind of got side-tracked, the post was about rental chickens, so that people could experience fresh laid eggs each morning..


Grandma had a big chicken coop in the back yard, us children would love going to get the eggs right out from under the chickens, we also got to feed them the table scraps after each meal…


The chicken coop, with the roaster speaking out each morning was always a big highlight of our visit to grandma’s house…  O-Yeah the attic, was always an adventure too…


Fresh eggs & the mysteries of Grandma´s house…

Rent The Chicken - photo 5b-1

Main  article @

toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad


However i first found the article

in the Vancouver Metro News…


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