A piece of a toad’s life!

i often spend my mornings on the way to one of the very few…  Ifinn not, the only depot where i can cash my bottles…  There is a spot at olympic village, where i cook myself a little breakfast, an feed the crows…  i’ve been doing this for a few years when the weather is good…  (Funny before expo, we’d camp or squat in the same area, which is right in the middle of the city…


Anyway, let’s get to the point!  Well, i had finished eating an spotted a shopping-cart in the low tide…  (Low tide, theory proven!)  Well i went down an struggle in pulling the shopping-cart out of the water, to bring to some place where parks-board will hopefully pick it up…


Now to the point!  When i gotten back to my things, some asshole had stolen my bottles, which was stupid because if they had taken my pack, they would have had ten times the money…  Even the thieves are stupid in this city…


Now there was a man, whom was taking photo’s, who just let it all happen…  That’s society….


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

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