Just Another toad day!

Disturbing thought, after picking up more time for my phone at the Mac’s store, straight to McD’s for coffee an muffin, yeah right let’s not forget my morning coffee an cigarette…


Anyway upon walking into McD’s i get attitude from a non-paying customer…  It’s seems to me that there are those that walk into a restaurant, an sit without paying…


Only in canada, they say!


After putting away my sleeping gear, i will cruise the alleys, looking for bottle, an whatever treasure would cross my path…


i’m having the ugly feeling that it’s going to be “one of those days”


Well what can one do, except struggle throughout?


Personally i had hopes that the day would be promising, still believe in that feeling…


i would like to get one the laptops, which i have stashed, working..


Calmly i waite for my one dollar meal, trying my best to put heads-or-tails, to all the conversation, which is bombarding my thoughts or should one say eavesdropping on…


Just another day throughout a toad’s life…


Only in canada!


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