toad, lost a day?

Wandering into the Gold-Arches this morning, i assumed that it was a weekday, little to my surprise, a very beautiful young girl, behind the counter, whom was all of fifteen years of age, would be here this early in the morning working at McD’s…

Never giving it any thought when i ask this young woman of her age, an what she maybe taking in school, truly after finding out that she was in grade ten or eleven, one would have put two an two together, about the day?  It was only when i asked for a paper, that this young child informed me that it was saturday!  An that they don’t papers today..


Damn, ifinn the weekend was here in all it’s wonder an glory…  So did i lost a day or get pushed forward in time?


Question for those whom, are one eye blind…


O-Well, shall we start all over again?  Tis the weekend, now a toad must rearrange his time, so that!  He may place him in the right place at the right time….


The weekend around the middle of the month, could we possibly hit, some lost or thrown-out treasures, because of the big-move?


Wouldn’t that be a loving treat..  Tis a life, full of dreams of dreaming…


Well, lets!  Let the treasure hunt begin!


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

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