Another installment of a toad!

To wander throughout a day, when death can shut everything down…  As it has done on, November Eleventh, Two Thousand Seventeen…


One would think, that we should rejoice, in those which have given most of us, the chance to live our lifestyles so freely each day…


However not in the midnight city, where everywhere you looked business doors were lock an the lights off…


You just know that every government institution was closed without a doubt…  You would know that they are not lacking in having days-off with pay!


ifinn you were to work for a company, choosing the government, would your wisest choice!


However for those of us, living on the street it means that there are fewer place one can spend the day out of the weather…  To be able to sit inside on these extreme winter days, is a blessing…


Now if you are not experience, at life on the street…  The day would be a struggle, full of hardship an disappointment..


For myself it was my choice where should i go, to get free wifi an cheap coffee, so that i could watch some anime, smoke cigarettes an maybe some weed…  To pass the time until it would time to find an underground parking-lot to spend the night…


Like lastnight i choose a familiar parking-lot, as i was just about to get into my two warm blankets, two officers pulled into the garage, hell what have i done now, or what has happen in the neighbourhood for them to check me out…  Right away i hand one of the officers my picture ID, so that they may run my name…  One never knows, the results of getting your name ran by VPD, know that you have no priors, doesn’t always set you at ease, life can always be full of surprises…


Anyway all that said an done, the two officers climb back into their car, which just for a moment, i had thought they were disappointed..  To not be able to make an easy arrest with the rest of the night filling out paperwork….


Yeah, tis another day within a toad’s life….


i would like to tell that most images of myself

are created by

an a must visit web-site!


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

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