Random thoughts..

To follow, one delusional history, truth or lie?  Always passed on by….


A cover-up, from birth to death…  Question; would the government spend time an tax dollars into building a lie?


Fact or lie;

bastered child, mother rape?


Fact or lie;



Fact or lie;

are vampires real?


Fact or lie;

Are there bars of gold

in fort knox stamped “crjen1958”?


Fact or lie;

would the government

in Vancouver be against on male?


Fact or lie;

are there aliens,

upon our planet?


Fact or lie;

are werewolves

enemies of unicorns?


Fact or lie;

does chris jensen own a house

on 2551 Wall Street?


These are just thoughts from a toad, (chris jensen) thisoldtoad, living on the streets of Vancouver British Columbia…

Random thoughts..




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