Wandering life…

A new day, begins i will be going down to the West-End to buy, yet another telephone..  It seems that i am buying a telephone every month now…


I’ve given-up on owning a apple computer, it just seems that as soon as i buy another apple there is someone there to steal it or wait until, i’m not in the the right mind to defend myself, an they walk away with my apple computer…


Nonetheless, life is always interesting, an full of surprises…  i would not have it any other way!  So soon i will be going out, to see how many bottles i can put together before i stop to get a fifty-cent breakfast, which i get at a drop-in center on 7th an Fir…  Today is a special day where we get bacon an eggs!  Yummy, Yummy….


My mood, has changed since i was able to get the computer that i’m using to connect to wifi, strange that it took me almost a month to connect this computer to wifi, when i replaced the harddrive it just seem i was up against a wall of concrete, an nothing that i did would work…



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