Merry Xmas from toad!

To fall within a dream, i move about the morning, puzzled?  Reason being, for a moment, i had thought that i didn’t sleep, how could that be so?


The morning came quick, in the corner of an underground parking lot, i start move about…  i could hear the morning traffic moving down the street, by the judge of the amount of cars…  It was time to pack-up an make my way to the golden arches…  A cigarette, a coffee an i’m well on my way…


After flipping through the province paper, i setup the two hundredth laptop…  No i’m just kidding, nonetheless i’m well on my way!  Then  begin, to hack at poetry..  i say without modesty, i’m beginning to put together, something that i can admit is something like poetry with meaning…  Most times, trying to sneak my life into the poem…


So i say with deepening of my heart, “Merry Christmas!”


Merry Xmas from toad!


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