The Ramblings of a toad….

To wake, each morning!  Stuffing two blankets into a duffel-bag, an damn!


ifinn it ain’t up-hill to the golden-arches, for one of my lifes living, pleasure coffee an a cigarette than muffin with butter an peanut-butter…


Damn!  Now that’s a hard life….


With thoughts filling my head, such as…  Why do we continue to destroy the only rock we live on?  What a strange thought, i mean..  It’s not like we can just pick-up an leave!


i know there are those, whom believe that we’re the only life with the vastness of space!  Now for myself, i am of the belief, that there has been sentient life, whom have dropped by unnoticed..  It seem to be a moral rule, “Not to get involved with life on another planet!”  i see things differently, why not help sentient creature, move forward, helping them not to make the same mistakes that humanity has made…


But these are just ramblings of an oldman, living on the streets of Vancouver British Columbia, Canada, Earth!



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