toad time to go..

Out into the world of society, storming humanity,


tis an old-man-very-old-soul, net born, chris jensen…  Will move throughout the alleys of the fairview neighbourhood, looking for who, knows what?  i will have only one thing on my mind, finding enough bottles to spent more time in some cafe with free internet..  To preach to the world once again…


i just call it, a childlike imagination, of thinking out-loud, fun when you speak to yourself out loud, they label that insanity…  i see speaking out loud helps, to focus plainly on one given thought!  Nonetheless, i always try my best, to keep an ear open for those creatures of Mrs. Natures kingdom…  Mostly they say; Sleep or eat…  However there are those moments, when they express their true emotions…


So off, we go, into the wild blue yonder…


toad time to go..


Image take by me!

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