Early morning toad…

Damned iffinn i do,


damned iffinn i don’t!  i must have wet the bed?  When i gotten myself to a place where time was hanging on a wall, or up in a tower…  Damn!  iffinn the clock said, “2:00 am…  Now i must say, “what f_ck is up with that!”


So a toad went about, wasting a few hours, cursing the neighbourhood, poodle-jumping all the way..


First stop, the hospital to pick-up butt’s, then down to the hobart bin, which was locked!  Damn….  Well looks like the crows don’t get any meat this weekend…  With another hour to go…  i decided to make some noodles, so down or up, depending on perspective, to the Mac’s for some free hot water..  Upon reach back to the front of the golden arches, we devoured those noodles, like they didn’t stand a chance…


Well the door to the golden arches open a few minutes early, there is a god..  Sh_t did i say that?  Marking a new day, we’re doing things a little difference, by writing first an installment of toad…


Have a great day…


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