Toadaly toad!

Another morning, where i must have wet the bed, up early again, or late depending on perspective?


Well, off to Mac’s for coffee an morning cigarette..  Damn, life is tough?  i think not!  With the morning poem, a done deal…  What to do know?  Dumb ass!  Write another…


i have found that the more one does write..  It all begins to make just a little sense, nonetheless we don’t want to get carried away..  Damn, yeah by a bathing beauty, very young princess…  Hell, yes!


Oops!  Then i awoke from the living nightmare, drifting slowly back to reality, an the wet streets, filled with rainy days..


Let’s not forget about Christmas, which just around the corner..  i hope that my younger sister had time to do some baking?  For i love her homemade cookies, an all the other sweets she lovingly put her heart into, for those of her own choosing to bless…


There is nothing like the lov of a sister!


Starting from right;

the younger older sister Darlene,

then grandma Jensen,

next my mother Barbra,

an last but not least,

the youngest Jackie..

They are the heart of our family!

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