Can you hear me now?

i start off by saying,


that life always proves interesting throughout my time!  Well i was off chasing the dragon, or one could say dipping into some treats…  The people of this city, don’t like when i go off onto one of my journeys..  However i stay to just smoking jib…  i didn’t do my normal, get right out of myself…  Drugs have been a constant fact of my life…  It is the only way i find toadal freedom, now let me explain if you do drugs how i lov the your so high that there is almost lose of control, in these moments i’m at the closes point of not being myself, the pressure of magick, psychic abilities, society an let’s not forget those whom i may say close..  These moments don’t come that often, nonetheless there have been the few times, in which i was free…  Mostly something happen just at that moment right in the middle where forces you back, or some street person take advantage an steals everything i own…


I’m only following the first contract to just be me!


Now after writing the real stinker of a piece this morning i went out to collect a few more cans, an too see what treasure i may find, no luck in the treasures, then the rain turned to snow, an things just got more interesting, i ended up walking all the way to the bottle depot, now at the library, warming up an doing a little more writing..


ifinn i were to write this piece right when i was in an angry mood, you would have heard only bitching, an whining…


i excited i will be able to pick up a phone tomorrow, a whole month without a phone, an locked out of my accounts…


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