A wizard’s dreams.

i awoke this morning, damn!


i wonder if the coffee shop is open across the street..  i slept well considering, i had misplaced my blankie…  My sister, “god bless her soul” an here son came an drop off some of their christmas lov…  Well my sister, sometimes wonder why?  Anyway the real treat was john-paul!


Now, i know you don’t like when i point these words, towards those whom i truly lov..  i mean why you can see by the count only a few people read my work…  lol…


Please Nephew, leave response, you would really touch my heart…  i lov your mother, more than she really will admit…  An you as well, maybe someday we’ll drive down to fort knox…


Sorry more what they call fantasies…


Merry Christmas John-Paul, tell Darlene, an Stacy i really do love them…  An your wife as well, she is a human angel walking earth…  If you can whisper into stacy’s ear, “we will cement that paradox..”


Know as the only create, throughout all know space, to even understood an or broke a paradox!


A wizard’s dreams.


This images created by


an the image below of himself…

(message; a rock by a park)


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