Out the window?

Out the window?


Venture stolen, crimson time on ice…  The golden arches did open, nonetheless much later, nice of them to tell us?


i’m listening too;

David Gilmour, Wish you were here…


As a young child, i spent a lot of time listen to music, only now days, i hear the message…  Back then everything went way over this young minds head…


As i look out the window, an compose this post, i see a city, slowly regaining life after what i believe was a hard christmas felt by all…


We go about are days, wearing masks of all types, not letting the true, nature of our emotion to escape…


ifinn you can’t agree upon this statement, i would then call you a liar..


Fear not!  Time does heal all…


From a child, whom did get the chance at fitting in throughout those younger school days..  The by product of those moments being not learning a proper education or have a desire to learn..  This can happen, while a young mind is trying their best to hide the truth..  Not seen much in this day an age, nonetheless still does happen…


A sad emotion in that day will cross your heart, ifinn you find a child, struggling in the same manner…  All i can say, is step out and do something, for children are the keys to the future..


i hate to say; nonetheless “have a great day!”


i believe that i need

a haircut!

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