toad’s house of cards

These days of holiday season it is hard on those whom, are very much alone…


An yes, you can be alone in a crowd, how would i know?  Because i’ve been there!


i awoke, often lastnight, excited to get back into the rut, of predictability..  i’ve try my hand at writing for a few years now, at first watch whom is reading, now i write more freely, nonetheless i still look, however i do believe we don’t get honest stats..  That is just my opinion, freedom of speech..


Now i’m disappointed that i can’t be sitting in the golden arches, waiting for a blogging friend, to drop in..


Mr. Woodvine, i am grateful that he showed me, towards the blogging world..  However, i’ve stoppedly started new blogs over an over when i could have just changed the name!


All through, elementary school, i struggle to stay alive, an keep food in my mouth, nothing new, may children of our time, went through worst, moments…


Strange is it seems, i won’t change one moment!


For this is whom i am….


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